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mausoleum of augustus, Rome

This imposing circular building has a diameter of 90 meters and is 44 meters high.
It was built by Emperor Augustus as a tomb for himself and his family.
The first family member to be buried there was Marcello, the favorite nephew of the emperor who died in 23 B.C. probably poisoned by the Empero's wife Livia who feared for the succession of her son Tiberius.
After the crowning of Tiberius the use of poison continued to provide the tomb with many burials for a long time.
The monument was fortified in the XII century by the Colonna family and sucessively, like many other ancient structures, became a marble quarry.
In the course of centuries it passed througth many and various uses: a garden, a vineyard, an arena, and even a cereal warehouse.

At the begining of '900 it was modified into a concert hall and called Augustus.
The archaelogical salvage of the monuments finally took place during the Fascist period; but unfortunately in order to insert into a neoclassic context of imperial inspiration, the entire surrounding ancient neighbourhood was demonished and instead the present squared was created



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